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    Get Ready: KFC's Zinger is Taking Flight Thursday

  • Industry News June 21, 2017
    KFC/World View
    A World View balloon similar to this one will be part of the Stratollite vehicle carrying the Zinger chicken sandwich.

    Chances are you’ve heard KFC is launching a chicken sandwich into the unknown. Come Thursday, the Zinger will ride on World View’s Stratollite, rising some 60,000—80,000 feet above Earth’s surface and into the stratosphere. And you can be there for every step of the journey.

    The livestream window opens at 6:40 a.m. (eastern). You can check out KFC’s dedicated website to the event, its Facebook page, and its Twitter feed leading up to the launch and during to watch it live.

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    KFC also announced that the Zinger’s custom robotic satellite, which is shaped like a KFC bucket, will help it complete the following “missions.”

    Space selfie—Like every tourist in 2017, the first thing the Zinger will do in space is take a selfie using a retractable arm attached to the Zinger-satellite bucket.

    Tweet into the void—KFC followers and fans can interact with the Zinger by sending tweets using #ZingerSpaceTweet #PickMe. KFC will display select tweets on the bucket live from space, and capturing it on livestream cameras. 

    Coupon drop—One lucky person just might stumble upon a coupon for five cents off a Zinger, which will be released via a mini Zinger parachute and fall to earth with a trackable GPS.

    Imagery from space—KFC will share images from the space journey.

    Wave the flag—After four days in space, a mechanical arm attached to the Zinger bucket will wave the Colonel’s flag, commemorating a successful Zinger space mission.