Industry News | May 16, 2011

Get Your Favorite Lenny's Sub Through Your Smartphone

To provide another way for its customers to interact with and order from its menu, sandwich chain Lenny’s Sub Shop recently launched a new mobile ordering app.

The app, available now on iTunes and Android Marketplace, lets customers order pick-up from any of Lenny’s 150 shops.

Brent Alvord, president of Memphis, Tennessee­–based Lenny’s, says his company strives to keep ahead of the quick-serve game on technological advances.

While Lenny’s customer base spans many different demographics—not all of whom are tech-savvy—Alvord says smartphone devices are gaining traction quickly and that all demographics are starting to treat the devices like a “personal concierge.”

“I think the main consumer base is a little slow on the uptake sometimes with some of this technology, whether it be online ordering and mobile apps,” Alvord says. “But I think it’s something that’s going to change over the next couple of years.”

Lenny’s customers are able to create and save favorite menu items through the app, Alvord says, and send the order to their local shop. The order shows up on the shop’s point-of-sale system through a unique mobile icon.

“Because we built our own point-of-sale system, and we had previously integrated online ordering, it works in the restaurants very much the same way,” Alvord says. He adds that it took little to no additional staff training to roll out the app, which is powered by Splickit Inc.

Alvord says Lenny’s will advertise the app on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets, and will also send an e-mail to its loyalty-program users. There will also be in-store promotional material to encourage customers to download and use the app.

But Alvord says that, though some quick-serve companies have dressed up their apps with games and other entertainment devices, the Lenny’s app will remain an order-only app—for now.

“It’s just a matter of cost analysis and seeing whether we want to do that right now,” he says.

By Sam Oches

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The splick-it powered app is fantastic. Clearly the best consumer experience on the market. I've tried Grub Hub and Snapfinger and some of the "home growns" and there's no comparison in terms of speed and convenience, which after all is the whole point.

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