Ghost Financial, a comprehensive financing and business services platform for ghost kitchen operators, by ghost kitchen operators, announced the launch of the first online learning and community platform for prospective and existing ghost kitchen operators, called GhostU. GhostU will provide industry-leading insights that enable success and profitability that were previously unavailable to the market.

GhostU’s initial 12 episode video masterclass will cover essential, industry-specific topics on how to start a profitable ghost kitchen operation in 60 days — including, but not limited to how to boost your restaurant to the top of the delivery apps, building targeted advertising campaigns, developing viral menu items, selecting your kitchen provider, negotiating with your ghost kitchen landlord, how to secure financing, how to hire cooking staff, and more.

By leveraging Ghost Financial’s deep insights into the industry, GhostU will also provide crucial information to the market that was previously unavailable, outdated or simply incorrect.

In addition to the 12 episodes detailing how to create a profit-generating asset, GhostU Masterclass includes step-by-step worksheets and three-month access to the Ghost Kitchen Community, another first-of-its-kind, where ghost kitchen owners can interact, share their wisdom and experience, along with accessing interactive workshops, Q&A sessions, and more.

“After starting my own ghost kitchen restaurant, Keto Kitchen, in late 2020, I know from experience it can be a very lonely business,” says founder of GhostU and CEO of Ghost Financial, John Meyer. “Until now, there was no central source for ghost kitchen operators to connect, share ideas, or ask questions with each other. GhostU’s web-based community platform will function as a social networking site for the industry to come together and thrive as a collective community.

“Ghost kitchens are revolutionary in that they have lowered the barrier to entry for foodies with a dream by taking the cost and timeline down to start a restaurant from $500k and an entire year, to $25k and 30 days. Now that it is so easy to start a ghost kitchen, I want to ensure that with proper education, the industry sees failure rates drop to 5% or lower,” says Meyer.

The GhostU courses will provide students with the resources and knowledge they need to become successful ghost kitchen operators. To maximize access to GhostU, interested students can sign up for a 75%-discounted price of only $250, between now and June 30th, 2022 by visiting

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