Industry News | May 19, 2011

Give the Gift of Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen customers can now quickly and easily send a virtual Dairy Queen gift card to a family member or friend’s Facebook account or e-mail address, for any occasion, with First Data’s eGift Social virtual gifting application. 

“With 2.7 million fans, we understand the power of Facebook and how it can be utilized in so many ways to engage our customers. eGift Social is an easy, fun way to surprise and delight a loved one or a friend with one of the best gifts yet, and that’s a gift card to Dairy Queen,” says Tim Hawley, vice president of marketing communications for American Dairy Queen Corp. “This program is just one more opportunity for us to announce that DQ is ‘so good it’s riDQulous.’ ”

Consumers can access the eGift Social application at Here customers can choose a virtual gift card ranging from $3 to $20. Once the gift card has been selected and purchased, it will show up instantly on a family member or friend’s Facebook wall and can be redeemed at participating Dairy Queen locations.  

“Virtual gifting continues to grow helping merchants reach customers in new and engaging ways,” says Sarah Owen, vice president, mobile applications and loyalty marketing, First Data.  “We are pleased to add Dairy Queen to our expanding list of eGift merchants. Dairy Queen has such a rich history and heritage, and with summer approaching, it’s the perfect time for their customers to send a DQ treat to their friends and family.”


And then we have the scoundrels at American Dairy Queen; who are the antithesis to freedom; whose game plan is oppression, concealment, misinformation, and fraud; who have perpetrated crimes upon the American Public since those brave men sacrificed their lives on the beaches of Normandy. To me, a Pro Se Litigant, it is an utter embarrassment, a complete disappointment to witness first hand, their despicable, disrespectful behaviors in the name of money.; the arrogance and disdain for our system of government and jurisprudence, and more so, their arrogance and disdain for the citizen's freedoms. ADQ's skillful methods of concealment, distortion, misrepresentation, and continual utilization of fraud, RICO, misuse of a patent, and theft by extortion, make them not only an unsuitable business partner in the great States of Iowa and Minnesota , they are a embarrassment to our great country, a Bernie Madoff of the franchise business. They lack a moral character, a certain quality of citizenship that defies logic, a corrupt, twisted culture that knows no ethical boundaries and should not be allowed to remain a viable organization.

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