Franchise of the world’s largest quick service restaurant operators and DTT customer announces discovery of an internal theft scheme that resulted in employee arrests at a store location. DTT provides video surveillance solutions and loss prevention to the restaurant space and has been working closely with various restaurant owners across the country for 13+ years.  

The quick service restaurant operator, who oversees 200+ locations, has been a loyal DTT customer since 2007.  “The contribution that DTT has made to our business over the years is truly phenomenal. What I like most is the quality of services and the fact that the tech support team is available at any time, especially during late hours! The SmartAudit reports are fantastic and the loss prevention specialists very knowledgeable.  All the LP services that DTT brings to the table are truly unmatched,” he says.  
The customer adds, “Most recently, DTT’s efforts helped us uncover internal theft by one of my employees.  The LP department quickly initiated a Forensic Investigation after a suspicious transaction was rung up, which clearly highlighted various instances of fraud and ultimately led to a termination. The evidence and interrogative services provided by DTT’s specialists were not only extremely valuable to us, but also unique in the space.” 
“We are so pleased to have been able to uncover these fraudulent transactions. Every day, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide intelligence that cannot be found elsewhere. This customer is a great example of a customer who understands the importance of having a third party loss prevention team at his fingertips and works with us very closely to manage his operation,” says Don Boyle, vice president of loss prevention at DTT.