Industry News | July 22, 2012

Globe Debuts New Countertop Induction Range


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Globe recently introduced the GIR18 Induction Range. Ideal for all size restaurants, à la carte display cooking, omelet stations, stir fry kiosks, and catering events, the GIR18 countertop Induction Range cooks faster than traditional culinary butane stoves and countertop ranges.

Portable and lightweight, the GIR18 is an economical and energy efficient way to cook and maintain temperature.

Benefits of the GIR18 include: faster cooking to speed guest satisfaction, enhanced concept image, TemperaturePrecise control aids in superior plate presentation, and compatibility with all ferromagnetic induction-ready pans.

The GIR18 heats food to 460°, reduces energy required for ventilation, and results in quality, consistent, clean, fresh, and healthy cooking every time.

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