Globe Launches Premium N-Series Line of Slicers

    Industry News | July 16, 2012

    In its continuing efforts to promote the changes to the NSF/ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standard 8 for Commercial Powered Food Preparation Equipment, Globe this week launched its newest line of slicers, the Premium N-Series. The Heavy-Duty N-Series food slicers are the first in the industry to be Certified By NSF International to the NSF/ANSI Standard 8-2010.

    “It’s essential that foodservice operators throughout North America embrace the updated NSF/ANSI Standard 8-2010 as part of an initiative to improve food safety practices in restaurants and retail foodservice establishments,” says Denis Griesmer, vice president sales and marketing of Globe Food Equipment Company. “Globe’s Premium Heavy-Duty N-Series slicers are designed to meet the highest standards in slicing and hygienic food preparation, and are constructed with superior operator safeguards.”

    The new Globe Heavy-Duty Slicers–manual slicer models 3600N, 3600NF, 4600N, and automatic slicer models 3850N, 3850NF, 3975N, and 4975N–are powerful and versatile; the blade and carriage chute are tilted at an angle of 45o to harvest the highest product yields; they work comfortably in commercial kitchens and build on the slice-around-the-clock use of the high-torque helical gear-driven knife system, 304 stainless steel design and reliability of their P-Series predecessors, 3600P, 3600PF, 4600P, and Automatic slicer models 3850P, 3850PF, 3975P, and 4975P.

    “This is a significant opportunity that has the potential to transform an important segment of the food preparation equipment industry,” says Todd Clem, director of dealer development for Globe. “We are working closely with the leading Distribution Giants in foodservice and retail foodservice in the distribution of heavy-duty slicing equipment and supplies to develop attractive premium slicer offerings for their customers.

    The substantial price difference between Globe premium heavy-duty slicers and the competition’s slicers is resulting in a strong financial incentive to enable Globe’s foodservice dealers to take advantage of 15 percent to 25 percent lower costs without sacrificing operational performances that operators demand. There is the potential to convert thousands of existing slicers to the new N-Series, opening up a whole new replacement market opportunity.”

    The new slicers feature a 13" inch PreciseEdgeTM knife blade with a Rockwell 60 to 62 hardness which maximizes tip-edge holding ability; best-of-the-best EZ-GlideTM slice table; an enhanced open-space base radii design for thorough cleaning and sanitizing; redesigned food and splash zones that are more effective against harboring moisture and food fragments; no-drip base with Marine curved edge that collects juices and a 2o angled drip groove that diverts liquids onto the slicer table; new one touch spring-loaded sharpening system that maximizes the knife blade’s sharpness and is removable, immersible, and dish machine safe; and the unique design is BPA Free (no Bisphenol-A).

    The new design simplifies the operator’s ability to inspect, clean, and sanitize the slicer, and separate, clean, and sanitize the slicer components.

    Globe Two-Speed Automatic Slicers

    Two-speed models 3850N and 3850NF are equipped with the easy-to-clean direct contact start/stop touchpad which controls the high-performance gear-driven knife motor and the chute carriage speed motor which automatically slices from 1.5 seconds to 1.0 second per stroke or 40 to 60 strokes per minute.

    Globe Nine-Speed Automatic Slicers

    Similar to the two-speed series, the 3975N and 4975N nine-speed models are designed for slicing flexibility. The touchpad controls the chute carriage speed motor that automatically slices at a consistent rate from 3 seconds to 1 second per stroke or 20 to 60 strokes per minute depending on operator’s preference.

    Globe ProtechTM Series

    Models 4600N manual and 4975N automatic slicers are equipped with ProtechTM operator convenience and safeguards:

    1. home position start: food carriage must be in home position to activate slicer
    2. return to home chute carriage: (automatic only), food chute automatically returns to home position when slicer is turned off and chute must be in home position to start slicer
    3. table lockout: once table is closed and knife cover removed, the table cannot be opened and zero knife blade is exposed
    4. automatic shut off saves energy: shuts slicer off after 10 seconds of idleness in stand-by mode.


    These 4600N and 4975N ProtechTM operator conveniences are in addition to the standard 3600N and 3975N operator protections:

    1. an ergonomic low-profile design to reduce operator fatigue
    2. a no volt release which prevents inadvertent reactivation of slicer in event of power or interlock interruption
    3. a knife cover interlock prevents slicer from operating without the knife cover
    4. a permanent knife blade ring guard, removable cover, and remnant deflector
    5. moisture-resistant, easy-to-clean direct contact start/stop touchpad controls
    6. power-on indicator light
    7. a kick-stand or dual arm lift lever for cleaning and sanitizing under slicer.


    Globe N-Series Wall Chart – Inspect, Clean, and Sanitize

    A N-Series Wall-Chart is provided with each machine. Easy to follow, step-by-step pictorial instructions walk the operator through the cleaning, sanitizing and inspecting instructions for the Globe slicer.

    Globe has made heavy-duty slicers dating back to 1920. Globe is concerned about public health; all Globe slicer series will be certified to the new NSF/ANSI Standard 8-2010 by the November 11, 2012 compliance date.

    Easy Predictable Service

    Operators look to Globe’s Authorized Service and Parts Distributors for a well-rounded service solution for warranty, repair and maintenance.

    “Globe’s service network saves down-time and reduces operating costs. Operators can expect an increase in uptime through a higher first-time fix rate,” says Tony Quesenberry, director of service for Globe. “Routine-service intervals can extend the life of slicer equipment through preventative maintenance.”

    Many of our service providers offer equipment removal, disposal, and new slicer installation capabilities delivered to operator’s business.

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