Popular fast-casual Japanese comfort food chain Go! Go! Curry! opened its seventh location in New York City on November 29. Celebrating 12 years since the first location opened, Go! Go! Curry! is answering the demands of heavy traffic in its nearby locations in Time Square and East 53rd. The store is located at 366 W. 52nd St in the bustling neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen.

“When we came to New York, it was around the time of the recession and the market was uncertain, it certainly has had its challenges and Go! Go! Curry!  has been able to display staying power which I am incredibly proud of. As we celebrate our growth and success, we are focusing on our franchising program and how we can support new franchisees. I believe that among other things, professional and modern design for our new stores is a step in that direction,” says Go! Go! Curry! CEO, Tomoko Omori.

This year, Tomoko Omori decided to work with renowned designer Hiromi Tsuruta, who has worked on projects like Juice Generation and Blue Bottle Coffee. Omori’s decision to work with Mr. Hiro of Super- Paprika is based on the current positioning of the company. With soon to be 8 corporate stores under her belt, Omori is focusing on finding driven individuals who are dedicated to entrepreneurship to expand Go! Go! Curry! through the company’s franchise program.

Go! Go! Curry! has teamed up with franchise industry expert Gary Occhiogrosso, founder of Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC, to expand the turnkey Go! Go! Curry! business model. Franchise Growth Solutions LLC (FGS), is a New York-based strategic marketing, franchise development and sales organization. Occhiogrosso was instrumental in the successful launches of nationally recognized brands such as Ranch 1, Desert Moon Fresh Mexican Grille and multi-brand franchisor, TRUFOODS, LLC. Franchise Growth Solutions routinely introduces the hottest new franchise opportunities to business-seeking entrepreneurs and multi-unit franchise developers.

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