Goalz Restaurant Group has chosen MobileBytes Point-of-Sale for their 200 planned Church’s Chicken franchise locations set to open over the next three to five years.

After entering a development agreement with Church’s Chicken to establish locations in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina and South Carolina, Goalz partnered with Meritage Technologies to implement MobileBytes’ cloud-based POS system into each new location, complete with on-site installation and training from Meritage.

“Goalz was reluctant at first because they were primarily traditional POS users,” says Meritage CEO, Jason Lehman. “But when Goalz discovered MobileBytes had everything they wanted in a simple but powerful system, it reinforced their need to start something new. It was the right partnership at the right time.”

Goalz’ first Church’s Chicken locations are already starting to use MobileBytes’ included online and mobile ordering features as well as integrated gift cards. Customers using the MobileBytes Guest Engagement app can avoid waiting in lines by ordering ahead and completing purchases through their iOS or Android phones. The upgrade from traditional POS to MobileBytes is expected to improve guest engagement and efficiency, resulting in increased traffic and revenue for the franchise.

“Our POS system is designed to fit the needs of various restaurant types including high volume, counter-service restaurants like Church’s Chicken,” adds MobileBytes CEO, Dan Calderone. “Our mission is to provide affordable, best-in-class technology for the food and beverage industry. We are thrilled to be expanding our merchant base with Meritage and Goalz.”

Goalz CEO, Shawn Eby, said he’s enthusiastic about moving forward in a fresh, contemporary direction as they continue to roll out MobileBytes POS into new Church’s Chicken locations.

“We fully expect greater customer satisfaction and profitability,” says Eby. “MobileBytes’ user-friendly mobile engagement software and Meritage’s customization is precisely what our customers want, and what we need to stay up-to-date in this advancing industry.”

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