Golden Chick, the popular chicken franchise best known for its delightfully crispy Golden Tenders and Golden Fried Chicken, announced the upcoming release of its newest menu innovation—an irresistible boneless Thighs & Fries combo. 

The new menu feature comes with two crispy and crunchy boneless thighs, battered fries, a famous Golden Chick yeast roll and 30 ounce drink for the wonderful price of $7.99. Chicken thighs are known to be the most flavorful and juicy part of the chicken and Golden Chick’s boneless meal delivers a delicious easy-to-eat, easy-to-dip item that pairs perfectly with the brand’s newest signature dipping sauce – Tangy Golden BBQ or its fan favorite Lotta Zing sauce. 

“I’d like to say that we’ve ‘fixed’ the thigh, gone are the hassles of eating bone-in as we introduce our newest product – a skinless, boneless, marinated chicken thigh that is hand-breaded and deep fried to deliver an ideal crunch,” says J. Sullivan, Golden Chick’s executive chef. “For months we worked with numerous chicken suppliers to find the same dippable, boneless satisfaction that our tenders provide. Now we are bringing in juicy, marinated chicken thighs that have been carefully butchered to remove the bone. They are hand-battered and fried fresh to perfection just like our tenders. Once the recipe was refined we introduced the Golden Thighs & Fries™ combo to a few of our restaurants to gauge guest’s reactions and feedback. The response has been great and we cannot wait to introduce boneless thighs to our other communities this July.”

Golden Chick’s boneless thighs and fries are the perfect solution for drive-thru customers making it easier to enjoy on the go without sacrificing quality or taste. The thighs are prepared with special marinating mixes and batters to create the taste and crunch that originally made Golden Chick famous. 

“Fifty years ago, Golden Chick was known for being an exclusively bone-in traditional chicken restaurant, but in 1985 began using the whole chicken tenderloin or as we like to call it – the filet mignon of chicken, to make our original Golden Tenders,” said Jim Stevens, president of Golden Chick. “We believe that the boneless Golden Thighs & Fries™ is the next big step in delicious cuts of chicken that we are confident our guests are going to love.”  

The new combo will be available to customers beginning July 19 for a limited time at all 208 Golden Chick locations. 

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