Golden Chick officially announced its partnership with Cholula Hot Sauce, the legendary fan-favorite Mexican hot sauce brand. The two brands have joined forces to bring Cholula Chicken to both chicken and hot sauce fanatics across the south.

Now through Sunday, February 14, 2021 (Valentine’s Day), the rapidly growing quick-service chicken franchise will be serving Cholula Chicken Tenders and the Cholula Chicken Sandwich menu items at all of its 194 restaurants throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida and South Carolina.

“Even though this year was not quite what we expected, we are extremely proud of the new menu items and collaborations our team has brought to our loyal guests,” says Jim Stevens, president of Golden Chick. “It has been such a pleasure to work alongside the Cholula Hot Sauce team to add a kick to our best-selling Golden Tenders and Big & Golden Chicken Sandwich. We’ve had brand collaborations before, but none as hot as this.”

During the promotion, Golden Chick and Cholula Hot Sauce will be publishing co-branded AR filters on Instagram and Facebook allowing users to interact with the brands like never before. Golden Chick will also be releasing Cholula Mac & Cheese at a later date during the partnership.

“Cholula is all about elevating flavor and making great food unforgettable,” adds Cholula Food Company’s Chief Marketing Officer Miguel Leal. “We are excited to be partnering with Golden Chick to bring our exclusive spice to their fantastic menu items.”

This is the first time in Golden Chick’s 50+ years that it has partnered with a hot sauce brand to produce a limited-time offering as a new take on existing menu items. Throughout the partnership, Golden Chick plans to host community give-back initiatives.

“The idea of collaborating with Cholula to produce unique offerings for our guests has always excited me,” says J Sullivan, Golden Chick’s executive chef. “Our team had a great time working on this development and experimenting with new flavor profiles. Our Cholula Chicken options feature the perfect balance of our one-of-a-kind marinades and batters with Cholula’s authentic original hot sauce. These menu items pack the perfect amount of heat.”

The Cholula Chicken Sandwich is available as an entree at a price of $4.99 and as a combo with a 30-ounce drink and one side for $6.99. The Cholula Chicken Tenders are available as a three-piece combo for $6.99 and a five-piece combo for $8.99, each is served with one side and a 30-ounce drink.

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