According to recent studies, what once were the fastest growing ethnic foods—Italian, Mexican, and Asian—have now become mainstream cuisine. As a result, the consumer trend for discovering new taste experiences has created a ground-swell of demand for the likes of Caribbean foods and flavors. Therefore, the introduction of a new line of Caribbean-flavored sauces from Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill, the nation’s largest Caribbean food franchise, is particularly timely.

Golden Krust has gained a stellar reputation and faithful following for their authentic Jamaican baked goods and savory dishes such as Jerk Chicken, Oxtail Stew (which was recently singled out by Sam Sifton of The New York Times), and their popular patties. To join the strong retail presence of their frozen patties, Golden Krust now unrolls the new retail line of exotic sauces that will help food lovers bring the taste of the Caribbeanhome. 

“My passion is to bring people the flavors of the Caribbean through all of our products,” says CEO and company founder Lowell Hawthorne. “Now we’ve made it that much easier to experience the taste of the Islands at home.".

Hawthorne sees expanding the company’s retail presence as the key to growing the brand to the next level. To that end, Golden Krust introduces the first four flavors: Island Flavored Ketchup, and Hot Pepper, Jamaican Style Jerk, and Honey Barbeque Jerk Sauces. The launch comes right in time for summer entertaining and coincides with National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, celebrated the entire month of June.

The new line of liquid condiments are first being made available at the 120 Golden Krust franchise locations, most of which are centered on the East Coast (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, and Georgia). The brand will support the rollout of the Caribbean flavored sauces with a marketing campaign designed to generate awareness and create pull at the store level. This initiative will include in-store sampling, original recipes, cooking tips, special POS, and a public relations outreach to consumer media.

The new sauces include:
  • Golden Krust Jamaican Style Jerk Sauce: When you want to add a distinctive Jamaican flavor to your meal without the hassle, this sauce fits the bill. With the zing of Scotch Bonnet peppers, the tang of tomatoes, and a rush of black pepper, coat any type of meat or vegetable in this sauce to let the flavors of the Caribbean shine. Suggested retail $3.99.
  • Golden Krust Honey Barbecue Jerk Sauce: Made from a Golden Krust secret recipe, this sauce contains honey, jerk seasonings, and tomatoes. The sweetness of the honey and molasses with a touch of tamarind tame the fire from the Scotch bonnets. Baste this sauce over any meat on or off the grill. Suggested retail $4.99.
  • GoldenKrust Island Flavored Ketchup: When ketchup is getting boring, turn to Golden Krust’s Island Flavored Ketchup. It takes a purée of ripened tomatoes and adds an exotic twist of seasonings and fruit. Give french fries, burgers, and hot dogs a tropical island twist that kids enjoy too. Suggested retail $4.99.
  • Golden Krust Hot Pepper Sauce: For those who like to take a walk on the spicy side, Golden Krust’s Hot Pepper Sauce aims to please. Made from organically-grown Scotch bonnet peppers straight from Jamaica, this vinegar-based sauce adds a blast of heat to anything, from beans to rice to meat.  Suggested retail $3.99.
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