Gong cha, one of the world’s most recognized Taiwanese bubble tea brands, continued its rapid expansion in 2020, opening new locations in multiple markets amid a challenging economic environment.

Last year, Gong cha opened 220 stores around the world, including 36 North American locations in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. The company now has a presence in 19 countries, with more than 1,400 locations. Building on this foundation, Gong cha will continue to grow in 2021, actively seeking additional franchisees across North America, Europe and Latin America. In the U.S., the company will be growing its presence in existing and new markets, including New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Denver.

“We are excited by the ongoing demand for Gong cha, indicative of our product’s multicultural, international appeal,” says Einar Gustafsson, Gong cha CEO, Americas & Europe. “Younger demographic groups in particular are enthusiastically embracing bubble tea as their beverage of choice. As a leading brand in this fast-growing category, with a straightforward operating model, Gong cha offers a compelling franchise investment opportunity. We welcome new franchisees as we continue to expand our footprint in key markets around the world.”

Gong cha’s famous bubble tea is a premium milk tea infused with pearls (delicious chewy pearl-shaped tapioca), flavored with fruit and other toppings and usually served over ice. Gong cha’s top flavors include Pearl Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Milk Tea, and the company always offers innovative seasonal products, such as Mango Milk Foam Slush and Crème Brulee. Gong cha uses only the highest-quality, premium tea sourced from the finest tea estates of the famous Alesha region in Taiwan, serving freshly-brewed, customized bubble tea in 600 combinations, offering customers a new bubble tea experience with every visit. The company’s dedication to quality is the foundation of its promise to customers, helping to generate repeat business.

In addition to growing its market presence, Gong cha will also be expanding its bubble tea offerings in 2021, continuing the company’s well-known product innovation. This will include the February launch of the company’s Chocolate Lava Series, and the return of the popular Little Star Jelly Series. In April, the company will introduce a Heart Shaped Jelly Series of bubble tea, including Strawberry Honey Tea, Strawberry Milk Tea and Strawberry Smoothie flavors.

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