Launching April 3rd, sparkling water and seltzer lovers can get their sparkle on for spring with Gong cha’s new Sparkling Series. The bubbly beverages feature combinations of fruit flavors, pearls, jelly, milk foam and sparkling water for fizzy fun and are available through June 30.

Guests can choose from three varieties including:

  • Sparkling Milk Foam Mango with Star Jelly – A bright, fruity and fizzy mango drink topped with Gong cha’s signature silky and sweet milk foam and chewy, peach flavored jelly in playful star shapes (MSRP $7.25)
  • Sparkling Lychee with Mango Popping Pearls – A tropical fruit beverage that perfectly blends the flavors of sweet aromatic lychee with bursts of mango in each pearl (MSRP $6.25)
  • Sparkling Hibiscus with White Pearls – A sweet and sour hibiscus drink blooming with tart, floral flavor and chewy white pearls (MSRP $6.25)
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