Good Times Goes All Natural with New Chicken Platform

    Industry News | January 31, 2013

    Good Times Restaurants announced it is rolling out a new chicken platform in February and March based on Springer Mountain Farms’ antibiotic-free, hormone-free, responsibly raised chicken tenderloins that will be hand breaded daily in each of its restaurants.

    The company said that the move will make Good Times the only quick-service restaurant in its market that serves all-natural, responsibly raised beef and chicken that is hormone free and antibiotic free, with no pesticides or animal byproducts in the feed.

    President & CEO, Boyd Hoback said, “For years, we have used Coleman and Meyer Ranch All Natural beef, and we’ll now be able to offer a true all-natural chicken with the Springer Mountain Farms product, which we believe is the highest quality available in the market,” says Boyd Hoback, president and CEO.

    “‘All Natural’ by itself has become so overused as to be rendered somewhat meaningless, and we are committed to offering a true natural product with protocols that ensure no hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides or animal byproducts in the feed, and responsible practices for animal welfare and environmental impact, which both Meyer Ranch Beef and Springer Mountain Farms rigorously follow,” he adds.

    The company reported that the new chicken platform has been in test for the past several months and has yielded substantially increased chicken sales as a percentage of its total sales at those test restaurants.

    “It’s taken quite a bit of refinement by our operations team for us to deliver the quality and consistency we need by hand breading in each restaurant, but the customer response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Hoback says. “It is a strategic move that aligns with our brand position to offer fresh, all-natural, handcrafted quality and helps to continue to differentiate us from the larger [quick-service] competitors.

    “We plan to support the product introduction with television advertising and extensive sampling to generate trial and awareness,” he adds.

    Meyer Ranch Beef is the only major beef brand that has earned both the Certified Humane designation for its animal husbandry processes and the American Culinary Federation’s Seal of Approval for superior quality.

    The cattle are fed a vegetarian diet of grasses and grains, which never includes hormones or antibiotics. Meyer also verifies the origins of its cattle and ensures they are born, raised, fed, and processed solely in the United States.

    Springer Mountain Farms Chicken is the first poultry company in the world to be American Humane Certified by the American Humane Association. Its chickens are not only 100 percent all natural with no steroids or hormones, but also are produced with no antibiotics.

    All of its chickens are fed solely a pesticide-free, vegetarian diet.

    Good Times is a regional chain of quick-service restaurants located primarily in Colorado, providing a menu of all-natural hamburgers, 100 percent breast of chicken sandwiches, fresh frozen custard, fresh-squeezed lemonades, fresh-cut fries, and other offerings. Good Times operates and franchises 39 restaurants.

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