Following the successful introduction of frozen custard specialty flavors for the holidays, Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard announced it will launch a series of new specialty flavors beginning April 1.

“Our introduction of Pumpkin Pie frozen custard at Thanksgiving and Peppermint at Christmas was extremely well received. We are now pleased to announce that we will be introducing a variety of new and delicious frozen custard flavors this spring,” said Boyd Hoback, president and CEO of Good Times. Among the many flavors the company will introduce will be Butter Pecan, Oregon Black Berry, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Deluxe Toffee Crunch, Lemon Cream, and Berry Berry.

“If you like these flavors in ice cream, wait until you taste the Good Times’ frozen custard versions,” he said. “These unique flavors will be a key part of our ongoing efforts in developing our new brand position and continuing our same-store sales gains throughout the year. We have not yet gone through a warm weather season with custard in all of our stores, so this spring and summer will be a great time to introduce these flavors and our custard program to a lot of new customers.”

The April 1 introduction of new flavors will be supported by broadcast advertising and a summer-long public relations campaign, according to the company.

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