Industry News | April 26, 2011

Got Something to Say to Saladworks? They're All Ears

Saladworks announced that the guest relations website,, has been advanced to include immediate customer feedback. The Saladworks guest relations team will respond to every customer submission in real time, including nights and weekends. welcomes all customer submissions by location. Each franchisee’s picture is displayed on the website as well as in their location to further establish the relationship with customers. Most Saladworks franchisees are owner/operators, and that personal touch and openness to feedback reiterates their dedication to customer service. Customers that visit the site can rate a store on quality and speed of service, store cleanliness, quality of environment, and overall experience. The customer is then able to submit details about their experience with contact information for immediate resolution.

Upon receiving a submission, the guest relations team contacts the location’s business coach, franchisee, and any employees mentioned in the submission. Both the guest relations team and the business coach help train the franchisees and employees on instant recovery of guests. They also provide guidance on training all staff on how to resolve and even avoid potential customer concerns. Saladworks’ mission statement is to provide a fanatical customer experience, and guest relations successes are also part of the approval process for franchise expansion so that Saladworks is truly able to serve “America’s Best Salads.”

Saladworks rewards franchise locations with exceptionally great service with a certificate of accomplishment and $500 to be spent on a team activity or prize. At the end of the year, one location is given an award and the title of “Customer Service Fanatics,” presented by founder/CEO, John Scardapane.

“Saladworks’ goal is to create customers who are fanatical fans of our concept. The foundation for this is creating a differentiated customer experience by offering fanatically fresh products and unmatchable service in a quick casual environment,” Scardapane says. “Opening up our guest relations department to receive and respond to calls in real time is the essence of Saladworks’ dedication to our fans.”


does Saladworks have a drive-thru

This is an accident waiting to happen because it can be gamed in several ways. The biggest risk is franchisees....if there are rewards and punishments associated with this, you're going to get a number of less than sincere comments. Competitors can also use this as a tool to distract the local management.There's the other problem of getting any traffic to this site when the trend these days is for you to go to your customers (via Twitter, Facebook, etc) rather than them coming to you.While I'm all in favor of using social media to listen to customers, a smarter strategy would be a combination of social media listening tools and traditional mystery shopper program.

And I thought I was the sensible one. Tankhs for setting me straight.

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