Great Harvest Bread Co. will offer an array of holiday bread, goodies, gift baskets and catering options at all bakery-café locations across the United States. Throughout December, customers can find the perfect holiday gift for friends and family or help themselves to an assortment of delightful treats that pair perfectly with any holiday meal.

White Chocolate-Cherry Bread and Cranberry-Orange Bread are back on the menu at Great Harvest this season. Filled with white chocolate chips, dried cherries and swirled with dark brown sugar, White Chocolate-Cherry Bread creates the perfect sweet balance to a savory holiday dinner. Cranberry-Orange Bread, made with dried cranberries and fresh oranges, is a tasty addition to a holiday meal and can be deliciously paired with leftovers afterward.

Great Harvest’s seasonal bread collection also includes Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread, Chocolate Babka, Gingerbread, Challah and Sonoma Bread. Some of the bestselling sweet treats available this season include Chocolate Candy-Cane Crunch Cookies, Ginger Bop Cookies and St. Nickerdoodles. Each Great Harvest bakery-café is unique, owned by local community members, and will offer additional, exclusive seasonal menu items.

“Families know that the meals and treats with simple, wholesome ingredients are also those with real, delicious flavors,” says Eric Keshin, president of Great Harvest Bread Co. “We are proud of the way our signature seasonal bread and goodies are handcrafted from scratch each morning, and are delighted when our items get a place at the table.”

Customers can enjoy the sweet smell and taste of Great Harvest’s bread and goodies at home this season. The company will have a variety of catering options for both large and small holiday gatherings. Bakeries will also offer festive, made-from-scratch cookie mixes, including the White Chocolate-Cranberry Cookie Mix and Dakota Spice Cookie Mix.

Each bakery-café will offer a wide selection of handmade gift baskets with something for everyone. The collection includes the Grab-and-Go Basket, a beautifully wrapped combination of breakfast-themed utensils and mixes. The Whole Grain Goodness basket is full heart-healthy favorites including Great Harvest’s famous Honey Whole Wheat Bread, sweet granola and a honey bear. The Extravagant Basket is guaranteed to impress, and includes the Honey Whole Wheat Bread, a teacake bread, a savory soup mix and a made-from-scratch pancake mix. Gift baskets can be customized to each customer’s liking, and each bakery-café will offer additional unique, exclusive holiday gift baskets.

Alongside the limited-time menu items and gift baskets, Great Harvest Bread Co. will continue to serve breakfast, sandwiches, salads and grain bowls throughout the day. Every bakery-café bakes bread each morning—as early as 2:30 a.m. Made-from-scratch with wheat berry shipped in from the Golden Triangle of Montana, every loaf of bread is kneaded and served fresh to all customers.

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