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    Green Foodservice Blog Launches

  • Industry News October 20, 2009
    Sustainable Foodservice Consulting (SFC), publisher of, announced the launch of its new blog, “The Sustainable Shift Drink.”

    The blog, accessible at, covers a variety of topics concerning sustainability in the foodservice industry, including local and organic food, energy efficiency, green foodservice products, innovative restaurants, industry trends, national news, and more. The blog offers commentary on current issues, advice on foodservice operations, features guest writers, and allows readers to post their comments.

    “There are literally thousands of food blogs out there and quite a few people writing about the foodservice industry, but this will be the only blog on the Web focusing on green foodservice operations,” says SFC owner and principal consultant Paul Kuck. “I want to use the blog as a way to keep our clients and others continually striving for improvement.”

    The blog is an expansion of, which promotes green foodservice operations by providing free access to news, information, tips, on-line tools, and resources on sustainable business operations. The Web site offers expert analysis on green cleaning, energy efficient kitchen equipment, waste management, rebates and tax incentives, disposable products, water conservation, and energy efficiency. The Web site provides tools such as energy calculators, energy tracking spreadsheets, and other downloadable forms and checklists to help businesses implement sustainable practices.

    “Besides the slow food movement, it has taken a while for the foodservice industry to really grab onto the sustainability concept,” Kuck says. “While sustainable food is the foundation of sustainability in this industry, there are many other areas that need to be tackled. The Energy Information Administration’s studies of commercial buildings found restaurants are by far the most energy intensive buildings in the U.S.—using nearly two-and-a-half times more energy per square foot than the average commercial building. Foodservice operations have a lot of financial incentive to go green.

    “We want the blog to be a quick, easy way for people in the industry to access information from those working and learning in the field. There is a lot of information to gather and most owners and chefs don’t have the time to do the research.”