GreenDustries’ PleatPak is a first of its kind burger package that transforms customer experience with quick service restaurants, food-trucks, and delivery while providing a certified green alternative to traditional packaging: wasteful flat wraps and clamshells. The PleatPak offers numerous advantages over common burger packaging and offers superior performance over old packaging commodities in every measurable category.

The PleatPak offers customers an unmatched consumption experience and an ideal solution for eating on-the-go – the PleatPak is the only quick service packaging product that customers routinely praise. Dripless burger containment keeps customers clean when eating messy burgers and sandwiches in the car, on-the go, or at an event. A simplified eating experience makes it easy to enjoy every last bite mess free. Superior heat retention and smart construction ensure that burgers make it to their destination hot and intact. Further, in the face of recent disease concerns, the PleatPak offers a sanitary means of eating where customers are not required to touch their food with their hands, keeping the integrity of the burger all the way down to the last bite. Unique phenomenon among all packaging products, excited customers at restaurants routinely rave and leave positive comments and reviews on Yelp centered around the unmatched pleasurable experience of eating with a PleatPak, ranging from “geeking out” on the clever design, to “loving” the tidy experience, to fawning over the “cute” shape. (Check out reviews here:

For quick service restaurant operators the PleatPak offers an easy ‘back of house’ solution combined with brand differentiation. Quick service restaurant operators report that it is faster, easier, and tidier to wrap a burger with a PleatPak than with standard flat wraps. Options for custom printing in both short and long runs allow a multitude of branding and promotional possibilities for eateries of any size. Consumers often recognize and delight in the PleatPak, providing further quick service differentiation, enhance brand loyalty, and clear value add to a meal. The PleatPak costs less than clamshell while providing many additional benefits including direct and indirect savings, making it a game changing investment for quick serves looking to stand out in a crowded market.

GreenDustries invented and developed the PleatPak to lead the charge in environmentally friendly and green packaging, providing further value to consumers, the environment and to QSR brands and operators. GreenDustries is a champion in source reduction, using less material to make a PleatPak than alternatives. Made with green certified or 100% recycled paper options that are recyclable, the PleatPak provides a way for companies to demonstrate environmental responsibility. GreenDustries is the only packaging company endorsed by the the Dogwood Alliance, a leading green NGO, in recognition of their novel approach to protecting the environment by protecting forests and reducing substantially quick service restaurant packaging waste.

Manufactured in Anderson, S.C., U.S.A., the PleatPak has gained a fast growing global fan base. Events like the U.S. Open Golf Championship and the Wimbledon Tennis Championship prefer the PleatPak for elevated branding and the ability to keep the arenas, stadiums, and audiences clean. Proudly made in the USA with clients and distribution in over 45 countries, GreenDustries brings better packaging and a great consumption experience to burger lovers worldwide.

The concept for the PleatPak emerged in 1990 when a messy burger and an expensive suit spurred founder, visionary, and inventor Akiva Buchberg to search for a better solution. 30 years later, millions of shirts ‘survived the drive…’ and kept clean by the world’s most innovative burger wrapper. In 2020 GreenDustries pleating technology is entering a new phase, working to expand their reach globally so that everyone can enjoy eating on-the-go, delivery, and in quick service restaurant experiences like never before. GreenDustries products actually address the future of packaging today.