Local restaurant and nightlife group Boston Nightlife Ventures announced that a new flagship location of Griddler’s Burgers and Dogs at 134 Boylston St. will open Monday, March 9. The new location, which serves as the prototype for the growing Griddler’s brand, features a vibrant new look and menu. Designed by BNV’s recently appointed chief culinary officer, Bill Brodsky, the menu features fresh updates on classic American fast food made with locally sourced ingredients.

Of the new Griddler’s flagship, BNV president Euz Azevedo says, “Boston Nightlife Ventures is strongly committed to serving and celebrating Boston. Griddler’s was designed for Bostonians with quality, flavor, and affordability in mind. The new location gives everyone—from professionals and residents downtown to students at nearby Emerson College—the chance to eat local and eat well without breaking the bank.”

The new Griddler’s concept is driven by a manifesto that is prominently displayed at the Boylston Street location across from Boston Common. The manifesto, written by the BNV team, reads, “We got our start in Boston—raised from the ground up. With ingredients as natural as our accents, Griddler's takes the same care in preparing our food as we do in the communities we serve. After all, this is home. Always local. Always fresh. Dig in.”

Brodsky, who earned national acclaim for his signature locavore New England cuisine at several leading local restaurants and resorts, has spent the past months bringing this manifesto to life. He designed a new Griddler’s menu built on strong relationships with local and regional purveyors, whose names are proudly acknowledged in print.

Among the Massachusetts and Northeast native ingredients on the menu at Griddler’s are Old Neighborhood Foods all-beef hot dogs (Lynn, Massachusetts); Grillo’s Pickles (Boston); Country Hen eggs (Hubbardston, Massachusetts); Backyard Farms tomatoes (Madison, Maine), Burger Maker ground beef (Carlstadt, New Jersey); Bell & Evans Chicken (Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania); Piantedosi bread (Winchester, Massachusetts); and dairy and ice cream from Massachusetts-based Hood.

The new Griddler’s menu features an updated selection of burgers like the signature OG Griddler, a quarter pounder with house Griddler’s sauce and Grillo’s pickles, and hot dogs like the G-Dog, an all-beef Old Neighborhood frank. The Build Your Own Burger menu allows guests to get creative with the choice of a single or multiple beef, fried or grilled chicken, or veggie patties customized with the best quality traditional toppings and unique additions like tomato-jalapeño marmalade, truffle aioli, kimchi, all-beef chipotle chili, guacamole, and Cajun ham. Other sandwiches include the Chicken Griddler, served buttermilk fried or grilled with Griddler’s sauce, and the breakfast-inspired Egg Griddler, a Country Hen egg sandwich topped with American cheese and optional bacon, sausage, or ham.

Freshly fried Waffle Fries, Sweet Potato Tots, Onion Strings, and Grillo’s Pickles with Griddler’s sauce are served in two sizes for a satisfying snack or accompaniment to a meal. Addictive Chocolate Covered Bacon, a perfect indulgence for any appetite, is a new Griddler’s signature. For those craving something sweet, Griddler’s offers House Baked Cookies (white chocolate macadamia, chocolate chunk, peanut butter) and Ice Cream Sandwiches in combinations like peanut butter cookies with chocolate ice cream, as well as Milk Shakes and Ice Cream Floats in a variety of classic flavors.

The Griddler’s Boylston Street location will serve as a brand prototype as BNV brings Griddler’s to other Boston locations over the next several years. Griddler’s Burgers and Dogs’ flagship store is located at 134 Boylston St. across from the Boston Common. The original Griddler’s is located at 204 Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill.

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