Grinders Coffee Bar and CBD Apothecary is preparing to become the go-to upscale destination for exploring natural cannabis derivatives and Hemp-infused coffee, mocktails/cocktails, pastries and more in a “lounge” type environment when it reopens to the Houston community as Wild. 

With the help of Dallas-based, award-winning architecture and design firm Harrison, Wild will open as a boutique dispensary, coffee shop and bar in a lounge environment. Harrison’s work for Wild spans from identity exploration and concept development to extensive branding such as logo, packaging, merchandizing and building design. By applying Harrison’s expertise in developing compelling brand identities, Wild will become a category-defining multi-purpose concept with a bold, vibrant design that spotlights its forward thinking, laid back attitude. The new store is expected to open at 2121 N. Shepherd Drive in January 2022. 

“We’re proud to be trusted with Grinders Coffee’s rebrand journey,” says Harrison Chief Operating Officer Keith Anderson. “Wild is going to be an enchanting place that’s energetic and approachable. The Wild team’s passion for its products and Hemp education will be infiltrated throughout the design with key elements showcasing their slower and more responsible production process. The objective for our creative team led by Design Director Sarah Jenkinson was to create an environment that connects people with various natural cannabidiols in an unpretentious way allowing them the freedom to explore.”  

With quality products supported by industry experts, Wild seeks to revolutionize Hemp integration in the beverage space and bring knowledge to the Cannabidiol market, which has revenue forecasted to reach $13.4 billion in the U.S. by 2028, according to Grand View Research. A dispensary and coffee shop by day and a bar by night, Wild will demystify the subject of Hemp by creating a welcoming yet edgy place where good times and happiness are celebrated. 

“As brand leaders in a new landscape, we’re thrilled to provide Cannabidiol products that are better considered, better produced and, above all, taste and perform better, to the Houston community,” says Grinders Coffee Bar Managing Partner Andrew Alvis. “Harrison is undoubtedly going to be an integral partner in Wild becoming a special place where we respect, protect and celebrate this new marketplace.”

Harrison creates engaging brands and crafts meaningful experiences which bring a brand’s strategy, interiors, architecture, packaging and digital worlds to life. During its brand architecture design, Harrison employs creative storytelling, thorough market research, business strategy workshops and more to tie the physical premises together with the concept’s story.

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