GroundCntrl Launches SmartCheck Intelligence System

    Industry News | February 5, 2014

    GroundCntrl, a mobile data and analytics platform provider for retail, CPG, and fast food industries, has bundled its mobile platform and back-end analytics with on-the-ground resources to create the SmartCheck service. SmartCheck provides retailers and brands a way to easily acquire real-time, in-store intelligence about its products, promotions, and competitors to make informed decisions that positively impact return on investment.


    SmartCheck delivers a searchable visual database that gives companies real-time visibility into their retail and promotional executions – and the ability for companies to modify the types of data being gathered by on-the-ground resources as a program happens – resulting in the most accurate insights of any in-store retail data solution in the market today.


    “One of the biggest pain points for brands is the information gap between the loading dock and the point of sale,” says Daniel Rossignol, SmartCheck general manager. “SmartCheck bridges that gap by providing marketing teams’ real-time, on-the-ground intelligence to know if their product message is getting used correctly, displayed at the right time, and in the right place. As our customers have seen, and people in retail understand, better in-store execution drives improved financial performance.”


    GroundCntrl powers the SmartCheck service via its proprietary mobile app that directs people and activities in the field, and uploads mobile data to the cloud-based solution. In three steps, the service can be activated on demand to give marketing executives immediate visibility into retail and promotional executions without having to rely upon an existing field staff, retail detailers, or store employees:


    1.    ENGAGE: The team conducts a Readiness Assessment to understand exactly what needs to be measured, gathered, and analyzed.
    2.    MOBILIZE: SmartCheck quickly mobilizes to collect and post the requested data such as: images of a new promotional display, product stocking levels, feedback on staff readiness to effectively deliver the product message, or intelligence on competitor pricing.
    3.    ANALYZE: The field data is aggregated in real time into a searchable database, which customers can monitor via the intuitive online dashboards.


    According to Keith Anderson, vice president advisory for RetailNet Group, a global retail intelligence firm, “The new SmartCheck audit service provides critical intelligence to help improve in-store execution whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, quick-serve restaurant, or anyone that cares about shelf, display, or promotion execution and compliance.”

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