Coolgreens experienced an unprecedented year in 2019 with plans for continued success in 2020.

“Our year-over-year sales increased 11.4 percent in 2019, which is well above the industry average,” says CEO Robert Lee. “We opened new locations outside our home market for the first time, and we will continue that growth with new locations in Dallas-Fort Worth and Omaha in early 2020. In addition to franchise development, we’ve made strides in several other areas of our business. We introduced new tamper proof packaging, a mobile app to easily enable online ordering and, most importantly, a new training and onboarding program that both streamlines and enhances the team member experience from day one.”

Following its success in 2019, Coolgreens is continuing its implementation of operational enhancements, which are designed to increase efficiency while maintaining the highest quality foods and beverages. For example, Coolgreens is in the final stages of a new prototype design that will allow guests to move through the line easier. The prototype will also be designed with a progressive ventless cooking equipment package and several other tools that reduce labor costs while increasing speed during peak times. Additionally, the brand will test kiosk ordering in Oklahoma City locations and add a dedicated second line for online and to-go orders.

Operationally in 2020, new president Todd Madlener and Vice President of Operations Amanda Powell have set a goal of increasing off-premise sales by 100 percent over 2019 numbers.

“Amanda’s team, along with our franchisees, have been working together over the last quarter to enhance our off premise and catering offerings by providing guests with an expanded menu that is aligned with our values and nutritional standards,” Madlener says.

Kicking off in early 2020, Coolgreens is launching a unique new franchising opportunity with its Coolgreens Market—a smart refrigerator that will serve its signature salads, wraps, grain bowls, snacks and beverages. Coolgreens is currently choosing locations in the DFW area for the first round of Coolgreens Markets, and the innovative brand is actively working with potential franchise groups in other large cities in the country to fuel the Market’s growth.

“We have set high expectations for 2020,” Lee says. “We will remain focused on providing the best environment for our team members and guests. I believe in our team, and I know we will succeed in creating those ‘more than’ experiences throughout 2020 and beyond.”

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