Industry News | May 16, 2013

GuestMetrics, NRA Unite to Boost Revenue for Restaurants

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The National Restaurant Association (NRA) announced that it has partnered with GuestMetrics on business intelligence solutions designed exclusively for the hospitality industry that will help member restaurants with both revenue generation and cost management.

“GuestMetrics will provide our members with a host of tools that will provide insights and analytics into their business to help reduce operating expenses, increase traffic, and improve profitability,” says James Balda, senior vice president, innovation and business development at the NRA. “The GuestMetrics team has tremendous experience advising leading operators in the industry, providing insights to inform strategic decisions using real data from on-premise.”

GuestMetrics’ suite of products includes its GuestSnapshot tool that is complimentary to NRA members, as well as its Business Intelligence, Category Management, and Benchmarking solutions, which have exclusive NRA member–only discounted prices. 

These offerings provide invaluable insights to operators of any size and concept, allowing them to benchmark themselves against the thousands of other locations in the GuestMetrics system across multiple dimensions such as region, day-part, time of day, pricing by specific menu items, and menu item mix. All data is kept confidential at the brand level. 

“We are truly excited to be announcing this strategic partnership with the NRA,” says Brian Barrett, president of GuestMetrics. “Working together, we are going to enable NRA members to make fact-based decisions, giving them a strategic edge in an industry that is constantly evolving.” 

GuestMetrics is a sponsor of the NRA’s Marketing Executive Study Group, which holds its annual spring meeting ahead of the NRA Show in Chicago.

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