MARS Foodservices has new on-trend dessert recipes to meet menu demands. According to The Food Channel's "Dessert Trends for 2011," more patrons are choosing to treat themselves all day long, so adding desserts from MARS Foodservices new recipes, such as Snickers Homeade Tarts, can keep guests ordering sweet items throughout the day.

In a recent study, guests were more likely to purchase limited-time offer desserts with a 10 percent premium if they included M&M's, Snickers, or Twix brands.

With the portfolio of dessert recipes available using the MARS Candy brands, increasing impulse buys and and profits is simple.

From beverages, such as the new Lifesavers Shake and M&M's Strawberry Shortcake Shake, to bars, including Pretzel Munch Blondie Bars with Honey Caramel Glaze, MARS Brand dessert recipes complement any menu.

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