Following the launch of Chicken Guy!, a collaboration between celebrity chef, Guy Fieri, and restaurateur, Robert Earl, the two dynamic forces are announcing a second location, this time in Miami, at Aventura Mall. Chicken Guy!, is a fast-casual chain dedicated to serving delicious, succulent chicken tenders paired with 22 signature sauces meant to please all palates.

The menu at Chicken Guy! features all-natural fresh chicken tenders, hand-pounded to maximize crunch and paired with a wide selection of delicious sauces. Brined in fresh lemon juice, pickle brine and buttermilk, and infused with fresh herbs, these tenders deliver on flavor and texture. The menu features the tenders—grilled or fried—in sandwiches, straight up on skewers, or in meal-sized salad bowls, your choice of signatures sauces to enjoy with the chicken as well as sides like Chicken Guy Fries with Guy’s special fry seasoning, crowd pleasing Mac Daddy Mac ‘n Cheese, fried pickles, and fresh slaw.

Chicken Guy! offers two delicious Flavortown Frozen Treats as well. Guests can satisfy their sweet tooth with the Triple Double Ice Cream Treat—triple chocolate and double mint, or the Cinnamon Apple, a heaping cup vanilla soft serve ice cream smothered in Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Apple Jacks cereal. 

Fieri, a chef, TV personality, entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author, has brought his signature blend of authentic-meets-surprising flavors to Chicken Guy!, once again creating blends of spices and seasonings that keep his fans coming back for more. In this new concept, Fieri has taken the chicken tender, endowed it with a proprietary blend of flavors and provided guests with a myriad of delicious sauce options resulting in endless combinations of flavors.

“I know the good people of Miami love the real deal because some of my favorite ‘Diners, Drive Ins and Dives’ joints are in the area,” says Fieri. “So, I couldn’t be more stoked to bring them Chicken Guy! at Aventura Mall. Real deal chicken tenders, twenty plus killer sauces and a whole lotta fun. Welcome to Flavortown, Miami.”

“I absolutely love working with Guy on Chicken Guy! and can’t wait to open at Aventura Mall,” says Planet Hollywood founder and chairman Robert Earl. “We have found the perfect venture with Chicken Guy!, a proven crowd-pleaser based on our first location at Disney Springs. Now, with our second location, we are on our way to open Chicken Guy! locations across the country.”

Opening in the Spring 2019, Chicken Guy! Is located in the Treats Food Hall on the third floor of Aventura Mall. With a whimsical design that will delight guests as they place their orders, innovative packaging that will make carrying out and enjoying food on the go fun and easy—and ample seating will be available.

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