Southeast Florida’s Gyroville is putting a unique spin on its classic gyro with the introduction of its new limited time offer: the Gyro Philly.

“When we started brainstorming ideas for our next LTO, we tried imagining what a Mediterranean version of a Philly cheesesteak would look like, and I think we hit it pretty spot on,” says Lambros Kokkinelis, founder and CEO of Gyroville. “We swapped the steak and hoagie for shaved gyro meat and pita. Then, filled it with grilled onions and roasted red peppers, and topped it with melted white cheddar cheese and feta tzatziki. I’m sure our fans will agree that it’s a delicious fusion of two classic sandwiches.”

In addition to the new LTO, Gyroville has made other updates to its menu—offering consumers a better product and new, creative sauces to tease taste buds. For example, a flavorful, spicy menu addition customers have enjoyed is the Medichurri Salsa, which is made with fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, garlic and fresh herbs. Kokkinelis added, “As restaurants grow, some cut little corners here and there to drive profit—we’re not like that. We’re always looking for ways to improve various areas of our menu to deliver an even better product. That’s a promise we’re constantly striving to achieve.”

Gyroville jumped onto the fast-casual scene in 2010, offering a healthy Mediterranean menu developed by Kokkinelis, a classically trained chef. His modern spin on traditional Greek recipes has become a hit with customers with everything on the menu made in-house daily using fresh ingredients. Customers can customize their pita, salad or rice bowl to be as healthy as they wish by going through the build-your-own assembly line.

The brand has locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale as well as locations in development in Orlando and Ecuador, slated to open in early 2017. Gyroville is seeking master franchise developers, multi-unit operators and owner-operators to continue its national expansion. In addition to national marketing promotions such as the Gyro Philly LTO, Gyroville franchisees benefit from national purchasing deals, streamlined operational processes within a fast-growing segment. Depending on size, location, etc., the average cost to open a Gyroville is around $250,000. The franchise is on the SBA registry and has equipment financing available through Marlin.

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