Gyroville began as a fast-casual Mediterranean brand in early 2010. It spent the next five years opening corporate locations throughout Southeast Florida. When the decision was made to transition to franchising, Gyroville spent nearly two years streamlining operations, perfecting recipes and ensuring consistency throughout its locations. As they began selling and opening franchised locations, they also sold all their existing corporate stores to franchisees. This enabled the leadership team to focus all their effort on supporting their franchisees and planning for the next phase.  

That phase came quickly when the pandemic locked down most of their stores in early 2020. It was during this time that the founder and CEO, Lambros Kokkinelis, “realized the need to adapt to changing times by developing a virtual delivery only arm of the Gyroville brand.” Understanding that a build your own concept would not be practical as a virtual kitchen, Mr. Kokkinelis says “the need to streamline the menu and offer the favorites was an easy decision.”  

The next step was to reach out to their culinary partner, Grecian Delight, to figure out how they would tackle mass distribution of the product. “With the help of Grecian, we were able to focus on key items that we could use on our menus in order to ensure consistency throughout the country, says Mr. Kokkinelis.”  

“Gyroville has been a valued partner of Grecian Delight, since its inception in early 2010”, says Anthony Taxakis, Vice President National Account Sales for Grecian Delight. He continued “we worked with our culinary team to determine which items would be available at the national level and allow Gyroville to offer the same gold standard quality and experience, regardless of location. Gyroville understands that quality and the customer experience are the most important factors to their continued success. We are proud to be part of their story.”

Gyroville is now selling a license for its virtual kitchen with a nominal startup cost. They will offer support with marketing, branding, delivery, training, recipes and purchasing. In turn, Gyroville is taking a small percentage of net sales from all licensees. 

Gyroville plans to sell more than 100 virtual kitchens to the nearly 500,000 independent restaurants in the US. And with low fees, this addition to an existing business will bring much needed profit to the bottom line of Americas independent restaurants

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