Habit Burger Grill, the California-based restaurant company renowned for its award-winning Charburgers grilled over an open flame, signature sandwiches, fresh salads and more, announced the launch of their limited-time-only French Onion Charburger – one of their most popular limited items – available only from September 28 through November 15 of this year. The French Onion Charburger first launched in the Fall of 2014.

“As it is one of my favorite soups, I gathered inspiration for the French Onion Charburger from the classic French Onion Soup with its hearty, warm, rich flavor … and that cheese pull! We’ve put all those delicious ingredients and textures into our own delicious burger,” says Executive Chef Adam Baird at Habit Burger Grill. “The French Onion Charburger is unlike any other out there: made with the freshest quality ingredients and intricate attention to each ingredient’s preparation, combined with a thoughtful process of balancing and complementing flavors equals exemplary culinary craftsmanship.”

A delicious take on the quintessential comfort food – French Onion soup, the French Onion Charburger captures the sweet, savory, caramelized deliciousness of slowly cooked, aromatic onions. It is freshly made to order and cooked over an open flame – as are all their burgers – for that delicious char taste and texture we all crave. Habit Burger Grill’s version brings all the traditional ingredients together into one savory, hearty and very satisfying burger:

  • Habit Burger Grill’s Secret Roasted French Onion sauce
  • Savory, rich, sweet caramelized onions
  • Two crispy, golden-brown onion rings
  • Chargrilled, 100% fresh beef patty with no preservatives or additives, and never frozen
  • Delectable cheese for the perfect melt that adds a buttery, creamy, nutty flavor
  • Shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes
  • Served on a soft, pillowy toasted brioche bun


Starting September 28 through November 15, 2022, the French Onion Charburger is available at participating Habit Burger Grill restaurants throughout the US.

The Habit Burger Grill is California’s best-kept secret, named in Thrillist’s list of “Underrated Burger Chains that Need to be in Every State!” Guests at The Habit Burger Grill can always count on freshly-made, handcrafted quality, served up with genuine hospitality. By continually pushing innovation across their new menu items, these latest additions are what make The Habit, a habit.

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