For the first time ever, Habit Restaurants is introducing a Golden Chicken Sandwich nationwide.

The Golden Chicken Sandwich is the perfect addition to The Habit menu that is known for its variety, quality, and value. This Golden Chicken Sandwich ($6.25) starts with a fresh, filleted chicken breast that is hand-dipped twice into house-made seasoned flour and buttermilk before being fried and custom made to order. This extra care gives the Golden Chicken a crunchy, flavorful crust while keeping all the juiciness. The Golden Chicken Sandwich is topped with a new spicy red pepper sauce and served with fresh sliced tomato, lettuce, and tangy pickles on a soft toasted bun.

“Better burgers are truly just the start at The Habit, and this new Golden Chicken Sandwich complements our overall menu of high quality, deliciously custom-crafted food and gives guests another favorite item to enjoy at The Habit,” says Adam Baird, executive chef at The Habit Burger Grill.

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