Daylight Donuts and Ohio University selected HACCP Builder’s Food Safety Management System for their food safety compliance needs.

HACCP Builder’s enterprise Food Safety Management System works from farm to fork. HACCP stands for hazard analysis and critical control point. The system delivers uniform corporate-wide food safety policy and execution directly to the individual staff level at any facility with an easy to use mobile application. The system allows for visibility/monitoring 24/7/365, and is built to handle multi-unit and single facility operators.

“HACCP Builder goes much further than tracking and tracing, and delivers on FDA / USDA compliance by addressing all HACCP aspects of food handling and management,” says Greg Quas, president of HACCP Builder. “And, with the passage of the Food Safety Act, HACCP Builder will streamline the entire compliance process for our clients.” 

“The system streamlines the HACCP process,” says Jim Pugh, who works in food defense at Daylight Donut Flour Company LLC.

Consumers are showing heightened interest and expressing their concerns over food safety and quality from manufacturing to grocery to restaurants. “Being fully compliant with real time visibility at the corporate level is crucial to a company’s brand image. Organizations should not shy away from foods safety, they should promote it," says Chad Penner, HACCP Builder’s Business Analyst for Multi Unit Operators.”

HACCP Builder has been providing Food Safety Management Systems to public-sector organizations since 2005.  HACCP Builder supports organizations from farm to fork.

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