After a succesful launch in May and a busy entry into summer, Hai Street Kitchen & Co. will introduce its first new signature roll on July 28. The Screaming Tuna Roll is a combo of raw, chopped Yellowfin Tuna mixed with kimchi, gochujang sauce, and sesame oil, rolled up with pickled mango, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, red onion, and asparagus.

Since it’s opening on May 22, Hai Street Kitchen & Co. has introduced Philadelphia foodies to sushi rolls the size of burritos made with freshly prepared ingredients like grilled steak, seasoned pork belly, breaded chicken, shrimp tempura, seared salmon, and grilled mushrooms and fillings of fresh, local veggies and homemade sauces.

Hai Street Kitchen & Co. is owned by Genji LLC., a subsidiary of Peace Dining Corporation, a provider of freshly prepared premium sushi and Japanese-inspired cuisine to Whole Foods Market, serving the Eastern U.S., California, and the U.K.  

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