Innovative pre-ordering service Allset announced a new partnership with The Halal Guys restaurant in Seattle.

This partnership with Allset will allow The Halal Guys visitors in Seattle to make place orders and pay the check in advance. Allset ensures orders will be ready on the client’s arrival in the restaurant, and customers can leave without waiting for a bill, resulting in a faster and more efficient dine-in service.

“Digital restaurant ordering is expected to triple by 2020, so we’re happy to be among early adopters,” says Vince Cao, Seattle franchise owner for The Halal Guys. “ We take every opportunity to improve our service and meet the needs of our customers. We believe this technology will help us continue to provide consistent quality of service in a shorter amount of time, ensuring our guests have the best experience possible. The digitalization of restaurants is the future of hospitality, and our partnership with Allset is a great step in that direction.”

“The number of restaurants that care about service quality rises incredibly fast, and as a consequence so does the number of Allset partners. We’re excited about this new partnership with The Halal Guys Seattle. I’m sure it will be mutually beneficial: more busy diners will find out about Allset, and The Halal Guys will both engage with new millennial users and be able to better serve their existing customers,” adds Stas Matviyenko, CEO Allset.

Allset recently announced a partnership with Google Maps, allowing customers to easily find and book a table at the nearest restaurants, increasing visitor traffic at participating restaurants.

Allset’s pre-ordering technology is also available among other famous restaurant chains, including Buffalo Wild Wings, Bj’s Restaurants and Brewhouse, Bareburger, Pokéworks, Freshii, The Bean, and by Chloe—all partnering with Allset.

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