Halo Burger and Mott Community College recently collaborated to offer a $1,000 scholarship as they both celebrate 100 years of serving Flint, MI. The winner of the $1,000 scholarship is Mott Community College student, Joseph Buffington of Flint. Social media followers of both brands had a chance to be a part of the voting process and Joseph’s design received the most votes. 

 After students submitted their artwork for the design contest, Halo Burger showcased the designs to their social media followers. Halo Burger and Mott Community College’s online audience had the opportunity to cast their vote. Within a week, Halo Burger received well over a thousand votes.  

As this was the first year Halo Burger has offered a design scholarship, they planned to do a two-part voting process. The first part was to let their community vote on the top designs and then based off the top contestants they planned to collaborate with MCC to decide the final winner. “We asked our social media followers to vote on the designs and expected to have a few top contestants. We received an outpour of votes, and the majority were for Joseph Buffington’s design. There were so many outstanding designs submitted by Mott Community College students, but Joseph’s design really resonated with our audience,” explained Domenique Annoni, Halo Burger’s Marketing Manager. 

The design submitted by Joseph Buffington is inspired by Halo Burger’s cow roundel logo which has been with the brand since the 1960’s when Bill Thomas purchased two Kewpee locations and changed the name of the establishments from Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs to Bill Thomas’ Halo Burger. Halo Burger has a rich history in Flint, Michigan dating back to 1923 when they sold their first burger on Harrison Street out of a box-car style wagon. This logo is a symbol of the rich history that has made it with the brand into the twentieth century. 

 Halo Burger’s 100 Year Billboard Design Scholarship gave the brand the opportunity to get a fresh perspective from the younger generation and see what continues to inspire their fans. “Flint is a tight-knit community and businesses really work hard to come together and build each other for the better of the city. While brainstorming with Brilliant Marketing Co. & Agency last year we got the idea to do a billboard design scholarship with a local college. We learned a lot from this contest and plan to continue to involve our fans in helping us make decisions,” explains Annoni. 

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