Halo Burger is celebrating 99 years on National Cheeseburger Day. Fans can celebrate with a $1.99 QP by participating in Halo Burger’s reward program.  

Halo Rewards members will receive a digital offer for a $1.99 QP Burger on September 18th, to join the celebration. Guests may redeem the offer any time until the end of the month at all Halo Burger locations.

Celebrating 99 years of fresh Midwest inspired food is a huge accomplishment for Halo Burger. Despite the recent economic challenges, their efforts to serve fresh food have continued. Buns are freshly baked and delivered to all restaurants several times throughout the week. Their produce is hand-cut each morning by a member of the Halo Burger team and all burgers are made from 100% fresh never frozen beef.

The QP Burger is Halo Burger’s most popular item on the menu, so offering a special on their beloved quarter-pounder is just one way this long-standing fast-food chain continues to think about their community. Since 2016, they’ve continued to expand their community outreach efforts, sponsoring little leagues and other local events including Back to the Bricks, the Crim Festival of Races, Pink Night Palooza and more. They host three car cruise events a month from May through October in efforts to raise money for local charities. 

As a Flint staple, Halo Burger remains committed to thinking of their guests and restoring their recipe back to the Thomas family standards. Halo Country, LLC, who took over the brand in 2016, has made great strides to return to their roots over the past five years by sourcing more Michigan products and continuing the legacy of being a people-first company. 

Halo Burger, originally called Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs,’ began in 1923 in downtown Flint, Michigan. “People have grown up eating Halo Burger and now take their grandchildren there to eat. Between the nostalgia, celebrating 99 years in a community that has experienced so much hardship and sourcing local ingredients, that’s what makes this brand so remarkable. People from all over the country crave the iconic Midwestern menu options and look to support a community staple,” explains Domenique Annoni, Halo Burger’s Marketing Manager.  

When visiting Halo Burger, foodies will find the ultimate Midwestern experience when ordering an Olive Burger, Boston Cooler, Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Sanders Bumpy Cake, Koegel’s Hot Dogs, Flint Coney Dogs, Dino Nuggets, and seasonal treats such as the Mackinaw Island Fudge Shakes and Traverse City Cherry Shakes and pies.  

Halo Burger is focusing on continuing their legacy and celebrating with their community 99 years of serving up heavenly burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Fans can join the celebration with a $1.99 QP Burger redeemable between September 18th – September 30th exclusively through Halo Rewards.  

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