Halo Burger, Flint, Michigan’s beloved 99-year-old fast food chain, has teamed up with inspiring social media influencer. Halo Burger and Taylor Dustin, also known as The Wandering Michigander, created the ultimate Midwest sandwich featuring Wisconsin Cheese Curds, cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, and ranch on top of a 100% fresh QP. The Wandering Michigander Burger will be available to all Halo Burger restaurants on November 1st through the end of the year.

Halo Burger sources local ingredients and their menu features many Michigan based brands such as Vernors ginger ale, Koegel’s hot dogs and Sanders Bumpy Cake. “Halo Burger and The Wandering Michigander have one strong quality in common, they are both driven by their love for Michigan and continue to look for ways to help it grow,” states Domenique Annoni, Halo Burger’s Marketing Manager. “The Wandering Michigander’s content features the beauty of our Great Lakes, changes in each season, a stunning variety of landscape and how to be adventurous through each unique terrain. Last but certainly not least, where to find delicious food along the way.”

“You can be a tourist in your own state. A lot of people don’t know about all the great things Michigan has to offer, including the remarkable food combinations,” states Dustin. “When creating this sandwich with Halo Burger I thought about ingredients that really stand out to Michiganders because it is created exclusively for them. Pair it with a Boston Cooler and you’ll really get the ultimate experience.”

“With a ‘Pure Michigan’ aesthetic and upbeat content her Instagram and TikTok continue to grow and go viral. But what really draws people in is her personality! She is very genuine and hardworking and that shows through her content. We’re so excited for her to share with her followers some of the things we’ve been working on here at Halo Burger,” explains Annoni.

Starting November 1, Halo Burger will be giving away free Mossy Oak hats to hunters who show their Michigan Hunting License and purchase a premium combo, while supplies last. Their camo hats feature the Michigan icon incorporated with their logo, which was tied into launching The Wandering Michigander Burger in November. The hats come with an added perk too, they act as coupons for 10% off any food purchase through the end of the year

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