MonkeyMedia Software, a provider of web-based operations solutions for the foodservice industry, announced that it is the premier sponsor for Dine America, QSR magazine’s innovative, intimate educational conference designed to gather the foodservice industry’s brightest minds and generate winning ideas for restaurants.

MonkeyMedia Software CEO Erle Dardick will have the pleasure of introducing the well-known keynote speakers Howard Putnam, the former CEO of Southwest Airlines, and Dr. Gene Stanaland, a respected economist and president of his economics and management consulting firm GSE, Inc.

Erle Dardick is best known by restaurateurs for his ability to help foodservice businesses overcome their biggest challenges and shape them into successful enterprises using existing assets to create new business growth opportunities. Dardick founded MonkeyMedia Software to assist multi-unit restaurant operators with leveraging their brands to grow a relevant catering and delivery revenue channel. Working closely with each customer’s executive team, MonkeyMedia Software develops operational strategies and provides enterprise-class management restaurant software solutions and education services to help execute each winning strategy.

“I’m excited to have the honor of introducing Dine America’s keynote speakers,” says Erle Dardick, CEO, MonkeyMedia Software.

“Putnam and Stanaland both posses deep enterprise expertise to draw from, and their keynotes will be an enlightening experience no one will want to miss.”

Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines, places a strong emphasis on his belief that work cultures that prioritize the individual have the greatest long-term impact and success. When it comes to learning about how to create a winning culture for customer service, Putnam is a must-see.

Gene Stanaland, a well-known and respected economist, has been called the Will Rogers of Economics. Stanaland thrives on his ability to communicate about economics in an understandable and highly entertaining manner. Stanaland is the president of GSE, Inc., an economics and management consulting firm he created after serving for 20 years as a member of the economics department at Auburn University in Alabama.

MonkeyMedia Software also has the pleasure of sponsoring Dine America’s Opening Cocktail Reception on Sunday, September 12, from 5 to 7 p.m. Dine America attendees who wish to meet with MonkeyMedia Software during the show should contact Johanna Duprey, Head of Marketing at

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