Following an impressive three-month sales performance, Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream is continuing its high-energy momentum, spreading magical moments across the Midwest with no signs of slowing down. 

Happy Joe’s sales are up 23 percent on average for March, April and May compared to the same period a year prior and up 7.5 percent over the same period in 2019.

Well-known as the originators of the Taco Pizza, it only makes sense that Happy Joe’s MexiFest lineup is a significant contributor to its vigorous sales. Since launching its newest one-of-a-kind pizza creation – The Fiery Joe Taco Pizza served with Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho tortilla chips – the pizza brand has seen a huge influx in demand across its variety of Mexican-style pizzas, with the popularity contributing to an approximate $2 increase in check averages. 

Capitalizing on the industry’s tremendous growth of off-premise sales, the popular family-centric pizza concept also attributes its strong numbers to robust to-go, curbside pickup and delivery orders for its unique pizza and menu offerings.

“Throughout the pandemic, Happy Joe’s has shown there’s no better place to create special memories, regardless of dine-in regulations,” says Happy Joe’s CEO Tom Sacco. “We’ve provided an easy solution for guests to safely order delicious, gourmet comfort food and enjoy it with friends and family in the comfort of their own home. Happy Joe’s business model features a pickup window, Happy Joe’s delivery service and curbside service, so we were well-positioned to leverage off-premise sales. Even with dine-in service available again, delivery and pickup orders have remained the driving force behind our continued success.”

Along with its surge in sales, Happy Joe’s franchise interest remains at an all-time high. The brand streamlined royalties to create a more mutually beneficial business practice and recently introduced new, limited-time development incentives for new franchisees. Yielding notable results, Happy Joe’s decided to extend its Covid-19 Incentive for two additional months.

Now through July 31, Happy Joe’s is encouraging new beginnings for restaurant-curious entrepreneurs or sophisticated multi-brand restauranteurs looking for a successful, proven concept by waiving their initial Happy Joe’s franchise fee, reducing royalties to 2 percent during the first year of operation and 4 percent during the second year of operation. Full royalty does not kick in until the 25th month of operation.

Additionally, the company is maximizing a strategy in which operators that have struggled or closed during Covid-19 can convert their existing concept into a Happy Joe’s. This enables prospective franchisees to take on a lower build-out cost and quicker turnaround compared to building from the ground up. In most cases, the current conversion costs are offset by Happy Joe’s franchise investment incentives.

“Our goal at Happy Joe’s is to ensure we always offer best-in-class products to satisfy our guests’ ever-changing taste profiles and to provide our business-minded franchise owners a competitive edge,” Sacco says. “Our dedication to serving innovative products and supporting our franchisees is what sets Happy Joe’s up to succeed now and for the long term domestically, as well as internationally.”

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