What’s poppin’? Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream is to start the new year. 

Now through Feb. 15, Happy Joe’s is offering a new specialty pizza that combines all the goodness from a jalapeño popper into a decadent pizza. Starting at just $23 for a large, the Jalapeño Popper Pizza features a cream cheese base infused with real jalapeño juice, topped with crunchy potatoes, a blend of 100% real cheeses, crisp bacon and spicy jalapeños for a bursting combination of spicy and savory flavors. 

“There’s no hotter place to start 2023 than at Happy Joe’s,” says Happy Joe’s President, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer Tom Sacco. “With the combination of one of America’s most popular appetizers – the Jalapeño Popper – and our expertise for creating great tasting and innovative food, we know this new pizza will put a smile on all our guests’ faces as they ring in the new year!” 

Happy Joe’s Jalapeño Popper Pizza is available at participating Happy Joe’s locations. 

If spicy and savory isn’t high on the new year’s to-do list, guests of Happy Joe’s can also look forward to National Pie Day on Jan. 23. Sweet will be in the spotlight as they launch a delicious deal where guests can choose from a host of delicious small dessert pizza options, like Apple, Cinnamon, Cheery or Blueberry, and others, for just $5,99 through Feb. 28. 

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