As part of its mission to make more guests smile, Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream has devoted additional time and resources to its digital marketing initiatives in 2024. Leading the way is Josh Spiller, the brand’s Director of Marketing, who joined the team in the fall of 2023.

Drawing on his extensive online marketing acumen, Spiller has helped to create unparalleled growth via the Happy Joe’s app, website and social media. 

“We’ve focused on reaching new and more diverse audiences,” said Spiller. “Our team has promoted Happy Joe’s participation in all social media properties, but we’re especially proud of our digital marketing performance!”

Two campaigns stand out for their impressive results during the quarter:

New Sign-Up Offer campaign – With its “Save Dough with Joe’s REWARDS!” theme, Happy Joe’s promoted the savings and rewards available all year long for app users.

  • Google search performed the best at 42% click-through rate (CTR)
  • 100% view-through rate (VTR) of 27% — well above industry standard
  • 12,210 total sign-ups
  • Average store new sign-ups ranged from 117% to 900% increase

Double Points campaign – A five-week-long campaign offering twice the rewards points for app users. 

  • Generated $301,265 in revenue from online orders between Jan. 1 through Feb. 11
  • 69.56% ROAS from Google search
  • Google search performed at 42.65% CTR (compared to 3.17% industry average) 
  • Year-over-year 1Q performance for the brand’s app spiked in large part due to the campaigns:
  • Loyalty sales nearly doubled (from $235,806 in 2023 to $460,452 in 2024)
  • App signups more than doubled (1,401 in 2023 to 3,164 in 2024)
  • App check-ins more than doubled (6,560 in 2023 to 15,648 in 2024)
  • App participation nearly doubled (9.24% in 2023 to 18.10% in 2024)
  • Overall, the Happy Joe’s app performed remarkably in Q1 of 2024: 
  • Eclipsed $1 million in loyalty sales 
  • Total revenue increased by 65% from 2023 (an increase of $1.2 million)
  • Total number of purchases through app increased by 43% from 2023
  • New sign-ups increased by 60% through the loyalty platform

“Due to his work, energy and fresh approach, Josh has helped revitalize and refocus our 50-year-old brand,” says Happy Joe’s CEO and Chief Happiness Officer Tom Sacco. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with him as we continue to grow in new domestic and international markets at Happy Joe’s.”

Moving forward in 2024, Spiller noted that the brand’s marketing initiatives will continue to focus on branding and awareness, the Happy Joe’s digital presence, utilizing AI and focusing on the impact of tech and data – as well as paid search and Performance Max to augment ad results.

“After seeing so much early success this year, we definitely have some big goals for the rest of 2024,” continues Spiller. “Our team will be working to boost year-round visibility and monthly website traffic, creating a steady influx of viewers turning ‘more eyes into more buys.’”

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