The makers of the Happy Little Plants brand and The World Pizza Champions, America’s #1 Pizza Team, are joining forces to fuel the plant-based protein explosion in the pizza world. The two companies will be bringing plant-based protein pizza toppings to menus and events across America in 2022.

The World Pizza Champions, America’s #1 Pizza Team, was founded by Tony Gemignani, Michael Shepherd, Siler Chapman, Joe Carlucci, Ken Bryant and Sean Brauser. Since its inception, The World Pizza Champions team has grown into a U.S. based non-profit, multinational group made up of elite pizza professionals.

The makers of the Happy Little Plants brand and The World Pizza Champions, America’s #1 Pizza Team, are joining forces to fuel the plant-based protein explosion in the pizza world.

“The maker of the Happy Little Plants brand is thrilled to be the official plant-based pizza topping partner of The World Pizza Champions for 2022,” says Anthony Panichelli, brand manager for Foodservice at Hormel Foods. “This collaboration will bring plant-forward pizza topping options to team members’ restaurants, as well as several events in 2022, including the country’s foremost pizza event, Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. We are proud to partner with such a credible and reputable organization to bring this brand to foodservice operators nationwide.”

“They have changed the game with Happy Little Plants plant-based pizza toppings that look, bake, and most importantly, taste like the real thing. It’s the first plant-based topping we’ve ever wanted to put our name behind; it is that great,” says Mike Bausch, owner of Andolini’s Pizzeria.

As two key players in the pizza industry, the partnership with the makers of the Happy Little Plants brand and the The World Pizza Champions will provide only the best and most innovative plant-based toppings to consumers. The World Pizza Champion team members are carefully selected from among world champion competitors and acclaimed industry leaders. Inclusion on the team is through invitation only and is based on skill, character, compatibility, and selfless effort on behalf of the industry. 

The Happy Little Plants brand was introduced by Hormel Foods in 2019 and celebrates the power of plant protein while offering a great tasting solution for people looking to add more plant-based food into their diet. 

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