For more than 25 years, Hello Kitty® has been bringing smiles to the faces of young people from around the world. Now, for the first time character will team up with Transformers(TM) Beast Machines®—one of Hasbro’s newest additions to its line of classic Transformers brand toys—at McDonald’s restaurants across North America when the company launches its special Hello Kitty/ Beast Machines Happy Meal promotion on August 4.

“We’re thrilled to bring Hello Kitty and her friends to McDonald’s customers in the U.S. and Canada with this exciting event,” said R. J. Milano, vice president, McDonald’s U.S. Marketing. “Hello Kitty appeals not only to our core Happy Meal customer but also twenty-somethings who loved her as a child and continue to love her. And we’ve paired Hello Kitty with Transformers toys to create a combination that’s sure to spread smiles to our customers across North America.”

The 3-week promotion will run through August 24 and feature a total of 18 toys giving young people the chance to collect nine different Hello Kitty toy designs and nine Transformers Beast Machines figures. The promotion also will include:

  • Two color Happy Meal box designs—both featuring Hello Kitty and Beast Machines illustrations.
  • Coupons with select toys—one coupon for a free jumbo pencil at any SANRIO retailer packaged in the Hello Kitty Happy Meal, and a coupon for $3.00 off a minimum $15.00 purchase of a Beast Machines retail product packaged in the Beast Machines Happy Meal.
  • Colorful, in-store Hello Kitty/Beast Machines signage, posters, banners and other point-of-purchase material at each participating McDonald’s.

“Sanrio was built on the idea that a small gift can bring a big smile to a child of any age,” said Bill Hensley, marketing director for Sanrio, Inc.

The Hello Kitty/Beast Machines promotion will be supported by an extensive, multi-faceted advertising and marketing campaign, featuring a comprehensive program of television, radio and print advertisements targeted to various markets throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“Simply put, kids love McDonald’s Happy Meals, and they have loved the challenge of Transformers toys for more than 16 years,” said Duncan Billing, Hasbro group executive for boys toys. “The Transformers toys let kids experience fun and fantasy as well as challenge them to make the change from one toy to another.”


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