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    Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco Partners with Intera

  • Industry News June 2, 2008
    Intera Group Inc. announced its partnership with Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco to deliver special offers and promotions to visitors at PIER 39 directly to their mobile phones and devices. Offers are highly targeted to Bluetooth “zones” up to 200 feet in diameter. Since the offers are delivered via Intera’s Bluetooth Proximity Marketing network, independent of the wireless carriers, they’re absolutely free to consumers.

    “Intera’s Bluetooth Proximity Marketing network has generated outstanding results for us,” says Bob Boemer, sales and marketing manager for Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco. “The results are expected to get even better as we add call-to-action signage to make more people aware of our mobile marketing campaign.”

    Hard Rock’s special offers are available in a number of locations at PIER 39. Once Bluetooth is turned on and “discoverable” on the mobile devices, consumers are asked if they wish to accept an offer. If they agree, it is sent to their mobile devices in seconds. To redeem the offer, they simply go to Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco and show it to their server or at the cash register. The San Francisco cafe will also utilize Intera’s network to promote special events throughout the year.

    “Intera’s Bluetooth Proximity Marketing network enables brands to reach consumers in a highly targeted and cost-effective manner,” says Kevin Thornton, CEO of Intera. “Our network is designed to reach people near the point of sale, while they’re most likely to be responsive to and act on an offer. We provide brands and their agencies a distribution channel that is highly effective, with measurable and compelling results, bringing online-style measurement to out-of-home marketing.”

    Intera’s Bluetooth Proximity Marketing network enables marketers and advertisers to deliver highly targeted messages to consumers based on their location, without the consumer requiring any special applications or hardware. The mobile user incurs no usage charges, unlike wireless carrier-based offers. Intera’s network is 100 percent opt-in based, so consumers only receive offers and promotions if they choose to.