Harriet’s Hamburgers announced it will open its debut location at Optimist Hall on September 14 at 11 a.m. for online orders and scheduled pickups from the Harriet’s Hamburgers Hot & Fast pickup window–the only exterior pickup window at Optimist Hall. Orders may be placed for immediate pickup or for hours and even days in advance, allowing guests to avoid a potentially long line at the stall. In-person ordering at the Harriet’s Hamburgers stall inside Optimist Hall will begin September 21 with the chance for guests to receive a complimentary meal simply by placing an order.

“We believe that preparing and sharing food is an act of kindness, so to show our devotion to spreading good we are giving away five meals a day to five random guests for the first five days that our stall is open. Our hope is that these ‘Random Acts of Happiness’ will encourage others to spread kindness, either by paying it forward at the stall or in other small ways throughout their daily lives,” says Joe Haubenhofer, founding partner and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Harriet’s Hamburgers.

The menu at Harriet’s Hamburgers aligns with the concept’s mantra: “It’s simple. Just be good.” The menu consists of four things: hamburgers, French fries, pop (soda), and water. The hamburgers, hand-formed patties made with Creekstone Farms all natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free Black Angus beef, are available in three sizes–single, double, and kiddos–and with or without cheese. The cheese comes from a small batch, artisanal creamery in California. Select toppings and condiments, including signature simple sauce and pickles, are made in house. The pop comes from Boylan Soda, an all natural, handcrafted soda manufacturer that’s been in operation in New Jersey since the 1890s.

“The idea is to pay close attention to quality ingredients and end product over quantity on the menu. On the culinary side of things, we set out to do one thing: perfect America’s Favorite Sandwich, which in our mind, we feel we have done (after about 1,000 takes). We couldn’t be more excited to share this creation,” says Harriet’s Hamburgers partner and CCO (Chief Culinary Officer) Brian Stockholm. “We’ve spent the past six months working closely with sustainably responsible purveyors and our team to ensure every ingredient and recipe exceeds our standards of quality and goodness.”

“Harriet’s Hamburgers is one of the most thoughtfully executed food and hospitality brands we’ve ever encountered,” says Collin Ricks, co-founder and principal of Durban Hospitality, which has joined the Harriet’s Hamburgers partnership in an advisory and strategic growth consulting role. Ricks continues, “We believe we’re getting in on the ground floor of a concept that will connect with the community and grow with integrity.” 

Guests are encouraged to join Harriet’s Hero Club prior to opening in order to gain insider information on a secret menu item, in addition to a kickstart to rewards earnings with 50 bonus points upon signup and access to a free birthday meal.

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