Industry News | April 2, 2012

Have a Knee Slappin' Family Friendly Time at Dickey's

Dickey's Barbecue has always been a family affair. Since 1941, the world's largest barbecue franchise has offered free kids' meals every Sunday and affordable family packs designed to bring the whole family together for dinner. The restaurant chain known for its lip smackin', rib ticklin', foot stompin' barbecue has a Lil' Wranglers menu that is both healthy and great tasting.

"There's nothing better for friends and family then authentic barbecue," says Roland Dickey Jr., president of Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. "We work hard to ensure every restaurant offers affordable, healthy options and a family friendly atmosphere."

Fast casual restaurants such as Dickey's are a hybrid of sit-down restaurants and fast food. At Dickey's, you order at the counter and get your food quickly. Dickey's also offer a variety of meats and sides, with high quality ingredients, and healthy options to satisfy every member of the family.

"Today's families are in a hurry, but still want quality, family friendly food options," Dickey says. "We like to keep things casual so that families feel comfortable. Family is present throughout the restaurant from the black-and-white photos of the Dickey family to vintage signage."

The Lil' Wranglers menu includes three ounce portions of meats, a side, and a 16-ounce drink. All guests can enjoy the free ice cream after every meal. Dickey's also has special character activity sheets featuring Sheriff Big and Ms. Saucy to keep the lip smackin' little ones occupied.

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