vixUSA, a market leader in HD entertainment, business signage solutions, and networked accessible storage devices, announced the launch of its upgraded, networkable high definition digital signage players Mvix DS HDPro and Mvix DS Elite.

“As the digital billboards and signage screens are fast becoming de-facto standards for out-of-home advertisement and marketing, we have been focusing on upgrading our signage players,” says Mike Mallon, vice president of business development of Mvix(USA) Inc. “We’ve been able to integrate the core technology of our award-winning, HD media platform into signage systems and we are now extending our products and solutions for the mainstream business community.”

Mvix DS HDpro supports 1080p HD video playback of more than a dozen video formats (including H.264, AVI, MPEG etc.) on HD LCD or Plasma display via HDMI interface. Embedded modules allow live TV streaming within split/grid screen templates along with power-point slideshow, streaming RSS feeds, weather, ticker, and more.

“Our value proposition lies in the simplicity and affordability of our system,” Mallon says. “Ideally suited for SMBs, schools, restaurants, Mvix signage system is one of the most affordable options in the market. In fact we have a signage player for virtually every budget.”

Mvix is also offering services in customizing media content for the digital signage systems that can come pre-loaded on the signage players. The contents vary from slide shows to high-def videos and multimedia presentations. Mvix provides custom design services to System Integrators and VARs.