White Castle adds a new flavor to The Original Slider with its new Garlic Cheese Saver Sacks available from September 26 through October 30. The limited edition sandwiches include Garlic Cheese, Mushroom & Garlic Cheese, and Garlic Cheese & Chicken Marinara.

The Garlic Cheese Saver Sacks include a choice of two Mushroom and Garlic Cheese Sliders or Chicken Marinara Sliders, or three Garlic Cheese Sliders plus a saver-size fry and saver-size drink for only $2.99.

“Our Garlic Cheese Saver Sacks offer a fresh take on an old favorite and are a great value for just under $3,” says Jamie Richardson, vice president of corporate communications for White Castle. “Since 1921, White Castle has been committed to providing our customers with a variety of quality and intensely-flavorful food customized to any Craver’s personal preference.”

The Garlic Cheese Slider begins with a traditional steamed 100 percent beef patty topped with a slice of White Castle’s bold garlic cheese. The Mushroom and Garlic Cheese Slider is topped with garlic cheese and tender mushrooms in a savory sauce. The Chicken Marinara Slider starts with a lightly breaded 100 percent chicken breast topped off with garlic cheese and a zesty Italian marinara sauce.

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