Kentucky-based coffee chain Heine Brothers’ Coffee have opened their 14th, and largest store to date in Louisville’s Hikes Point. They plan to expand to 16 locations by 2018. As a part of this growth strategy, Heine Brother’s have added exciting new features to their loyalty app HB Perks, through a partnership with Popdeem.

Customers can now earn rewards for connecting and interacting with Heine Brothers’ on social media. For example, customers can enter competitions, donate to charities, or earn additional loyalty credit for sharing their #HeineBrosCoffee experience on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

These social media interactions lead to online word-of-mouth reaching thousands—if not hundreds of thousands of potential customers on social media. This helps to drive widespread demand and build brand awareness, fueling Heine Brothers’ expansion plans.

“We’re excited to work with Popdeem to offer our customers a new way to earn rewards and to give back to our community using the HB Perks app,” says Chuck Slaughter, Director of Marketing and Technology at Heine Brothers’ Coffee. “Heine Brothers’ has always been a community-focused, social brand so it will be great to connect and share these experiences with our customers.”

Heine Brothers’ has launched this new initiative with Popdeem – a social rewards system that incentivizes guests for sharing in-store experiences on social media. It can be integrated into any existing loyalty app to turn customers into brand ambassadors online. Popdeem has teamed up with LevelUp, a mobile payments platform based in Boston, to bring social rewards to the HB Perks app.

“Social media continues to play a critical role in guest acquisition and retention in the restaurant industry,” says Gavin Hayes, Head of Customer Success at Popdeem. “Our mission is to work with innovative brands like Heine Brothers’ to take advantage of this trend by turning their customers into brand ambassadors to help drive brand awareness online.”

The new HB perks app is available to download now on iOS and Android. To learn more about Popdeem and to request a free, customized demo, visit

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