With a serious eye towards social responsibility, 13 retail locations, and a 20-year history that connects them to Louisville and the planet, Heine Brothers’ Coffee has become an integral part of busy mornings for residents and visitors.

In May of this year, Heine Brothers’ retail stores made a major change in how their customers enjoy its coffee.  Working with packaging leader Seda North America and StrADegy Advertising, Heine created a unique design for its new insulated double wall insulated coffee cups.  The innovative design includes Heine Brothers’ logo and stylized artwork illustrating the journey of a coffee bean from seed to cup.

The unique new cup, from Seda North America, is designed with a patented air chamber for insulation and a level of quality their customers can actually feel when they pick it up. With the new Double Wall cups, no pulp sleeve or jacket is required, allowing the artwork and brand message to be fully visible.

Seda’s Double Wall cups are 100 percent recyclable where available and are made from renewable or partially renewable sources. Seda is globally committed to providing a consistent sustainable answer to the many environmental challenges being faced today. Providing an improved customer experience and an improved packaging environmental profile is Seda’s primary goal. All of these features, coupled with Seda’s state of the art, 10-color printing capability, provides coffee shops, convenience stores, and foodservice operators with powerful marketing, promotional, and brand building tools.

“Our customers really love the new cups from Seda. We continue to get compliments on the design, and they are amazed that even with the hottest fresh coffee, the cup is only just slightly warm to the touch,” says Mike Mays, co-owner and operator. “Best of all, there is no sleeve needed that will cover our logo and our brand message. After running the numbers on the new Seda cup, without the sleeve, we are actually saving money and our brand message walks out the door thousands of times every day in our customer’s hands.”

Customers are more satisfied because their beverage stays hot and flavorful longer with the insulating effect of the double wall construction and that helps build repeat sales. Heine Brothers’ is the only chain of coffee shops in Louisville serving exclusively Fair Trade & Organic coffee. They are committed to operating responsibly and sustainable and are founding members of the world’s first fair trade coffee buying cooperative.

“The voice of the customer is the real inspiration for these award winning designs,” says Ira Maroofian, managing director for Seda North America. “We work really hard to stay in touch with what our customers want and our design team works directly from their feedback. It’s always rewarding to hear from operators like Heine Brothers’ how our partnership is helping them build their brand and revenue.”

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